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Operational Excellence

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure efficient and effective performance, from management to area Fibre Network Owners (FNOs) through to our junior technicians. Our full turnkey approach, our footprint and our people set us apart from other full-service optical fibre companies.


Our project department implements the planning, design, surveying and building of networks. We cover both fibre, copper and wireless networks which spans across MDUs, commercial and residential properties, as well as core network builds and extensions.


Our technical department covers several key areas, including technician competence, training and monitoring, quality assurance, network monitoring and maintenance, environmental maintenance, and coordination.


Our installation department coordinators each manage a team of technicians who perform the drop at the client’s residence. We have strict installation standards and guidelines.


The bedrock of the BritelinkMCT business is our maintenance department. All activities are monitored and measured, and full fault and resolution reporting is enforced.

Core Networks

We specialise in Core Network maintenance from the head-end to the customer’s wall box, dome joint or complex NDP.

Our fully equipped technicians are skilled at detecting faults in an efficient manner, and are capable of effectively resolving the problem. BritelinkMCT technicians are trained to view the problem holistically and resolve the cause of the problem and not just ‘get it live’.

Environmental Maintenance

Our environmental team is divided into two sub-departments: Environmental and Civils. The Environmental teams travel the networks inspecting cable tensions, pole conditions and clearing brush. The Civils team assist with cable repairs and/or replacements in trenched networks.

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